Tuesday, August 31, 2010

College. University. ya ok

CAUTION: I'm NOT hinting to you that university is unnecessary; there is another point to this. So by all means, get an education *steps away*

I'm supposed to be applying to universities in a few weeks
and well
I haven't really done my homework. Don't know where to apply. Don't know what to apply for? Don't know what country to prioritise. UGH


If I had known Harvard and all these fucky ivy leagues looked back at you 9th grade reports, I would've repeated 9th grade if I had to.
BUT wait for it
in ninth grade
harvard was just a 'oh cool it's a university' thing. I really didn't know what importance it had. Did I know I had to prepare for university already? No way man..
The only universities I could name then were Harvard, Yale (which for a larger span of my life I thought was a company that manufactures keys and locks), Oxford and...well karachi university.
I had no idea I was gonna grow up man..and I guess there are a lot of you out there who can empathize. What are we fuckers gonna do?
Okay so no university might not be the end of life
then what..get lucky? how many of us are gonna get lucky?
man, I met this rickshaw driver a few days ago
And well, we made conversation as he dropped me home
he said he was in college (that's 11th and 12th grade according to a local educational board in Pakistan). He wanted to be a surgeon. He was a very bright student too. Well versed in English and everything. But during his final exams, his mother passed away
his father, lost all hope and just forgot that he had 6 children to take care of.
This man, he was the eldest. A sense of responsibility overwhelmed him. He skipped his biology exam, he had to be there for the burial, the legalities and for his now weakened family.
He couldn't go back to college, he felt, next to his family, this was all just...trivial. He started working. A small job, after another. He saved up enough money to send his siblings, three of them if I remember right, through school AND UNIVERSITY
I asked him why he didn't complete his education?
he said something about...how it doesn't matter...how it's inconsequential...it didn't make sense to me..still doesn't..
his brother is part of the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority, maybe he's not entirely truthful, but I wanted to believe him
I know, now question come up like ' WHY DIDN'T HIS BROTHER HELP HIM OMG OMG'
the answers, he said he was happy with life
he said he's worked as a fruit vendor, a cook, a driver, a carpenter, labour at a construction site, as a rickshaw driver and so much more
but I know
he lacked education
and I know my post is really weird now because...it started out different..but whatever
famous people are different (<<<<---------- ME ME ME)



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