Friday, September 10, 2010

They're trying to bite me...but I am..MOORA MAN!

Any criticism is accepted here
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Ayesha Chinoy (A nixor Shark) :Guys u r like worshippng d wrong person ok??i can very well explain u d purpose of all this.atcuaaly ali umer whorver that person is wont understnd coz he himself takes tution frm our watts d use explainin hm that it is 4 d bettrmnt for own society.well our soviety cant accept ppl whp do good thngs around here.and this guy beettr learn how to respect hs teachrs.hs mailing wont effect our idea and mission much coz we hve already gaind a lot of ppls trust in jus 2 yearz and ppl actuaally took admission i r wasting ur it 4 a betr thng ali umer.and bdw if nixor was a business making organisation it would hve expnded its own instiution rather dn we all beleieve in nixor and sir nadeem that we r a sucess 2day.
Qs for ali:and bdw evn if its a money mking institutuion u hve a prob wid that??jus bcoz lyceum is making losses due to it??thats exactly wat sir omair said that lyceum would be making losses wid pride wen we were doin a ques on a institution making a loss..and i am pretty sure sir nadeem will give u a bettr mail to shut ur mouth 4ever..

Hiba Badar:
well now this is how an educated man talks. and I dont really know what people from lyceum have against Nadeem Ghani or the students of Nixor, but abusing the dean is definitely not the way to go.


how about you explain it to me then? what do you think is the future of someone at acacia who wants to get in an ivy league?

secondly, I do not take tuitions, Lyceum has just the right teachers for me.

thirdly, you've misinterpreted my mail...
I never said NIXOR was a money making organisation
I didn't even say Acacia is
All I said is what I and several other high school students (from lyceum, southshore, grammar AND NIXOR) can't wrap our heads around the idea of Acacia and the only conclusion we get to is that Ghani wants to make money, but I asked him to correct me if there was something else in his head.

nd bdw evn if its a money mking institutuion u hve a prob wid that??jus bcoz lyceum is making losses due to it??

This sentence made you lose so much respect from me (not that you would care)
you think I sent this mail because I'm in Lyceum?
think again
I'm not like you
school rivalry isn't how I roll
The sole motive of why I sent this mail because I was sorry for the people who are attending acacia. that is all.

Hida Badar
Sure, that's the way an educated man talks
but, assuming that 'people from lyceum' have anything against Ghani and Nixor, is wrong.
People from Nixor, Grammar, Lyceum, City and many other schools have been discussing their views about Acacia, and how they couldn't understand what the idea about it was. I brought all that to Nadeem Ghani by email.
For my motive, please read the above reply.

PS: Please reply on my blog next time
oh and chinoy,
The Dean didn't send me a mail that 'shut my mouth 4ever'
read the reply on my blog


  1. Ayesha Chinoy, A in General. Amazing writing skills, great control over language and punctuation.

  2. Hahahahahaha well, I guess we can see what sort of awesome students Nixor has these days. I mean, Chinoy, 'so watts d use explainin hm that it is 4 d bettrmnt for own society', right? I salute you, miss.
    Also, I bet you're as hot as you sound.

  3. 'so i r wasting ur efforts' HAHAHA..Maybe's SHE's getting transferred to acacia?

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  5. Ayesha Chinoy: Sory for d errors ifone use karahi ho

  6. ".so i r wasting ur it 4 a betr thng ali umer" - you miss.. are brilliant. *bows*

  7. you guys are insane
    can't you see nixor is all about providing a high quality education? i mean it's so apparent here!!

  8. wait. she mails you and refers to you as 'guys' and says you are worshiping the wrong person?
    it sounds to me like someone needs to go replace her lipstick/whatever with B-Virgin! The Vaginal Tightening Gel that really works!

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  10. hahaha, moora man.
    I think I saw a video or something of that.

  11. You fail to answer my questions.
    what is this 'change' you are trying to bring about by starting Acacia?
    what is the motive behind it?
    I know, I know, you want their grades up
    but then what if the poor student wants to take up science
    will you tell him to take a hike?
    and what if someone from Acacia wants to get into an ivy league, how do they do that when they have no extra curriculars on their resumes?
    or just cuz they screwed up their O levels, you are going to deny them of such an opportunity?

    So what do you think I'm jealous of?
    Please help me understand this 'change' you are trying to bring about. Please?

    Yes, I shouldn't have associated vulgarity in the blog post, but I was angry.
    And you really think ANGER is a good enough reason for me to get expelled?
    Ruin my academic future cuz of this mistake?
    You need a lesson in humanity man..

  12. And how about you eliminate school patriotism from your equation and then look at the situation.
    Think woman, think
    If you weren't in Nixor
    If you heard this stuff about Acacia
    Put yourself in the shoes of a person who is going to acacia?
    How would you feel, of being denied of opportunity?
    Just try to imagine that you are being put in a school which is going to be where all the weaker students are admitted.
    That you are not going to be able to participate in interschool sports, interschool, national and international debate...nothing impressive to put on your resume.
    Do you like that thought?
    I don't..

  13. And I totally agree
    I might have been disrespectful
    but it's not cuz I don't respect my elders or whatever
    it's just cuz of the simple fact that I was angry
    I might have said some things I shouldn't have, and I apologize
    but this Acacia's not something I can wrap my head around

  14. I'm from nixor and I don't understand what the fuck is the idea behind accacia..

    And this chinoy girl.

  15. It's actually hilarious, I fail to see the "disrespect" in the letter Ali wrote, all I see is skepticism, surprisingly, I feel like this Izna Naseem has somehow taken it upon herself to put these allegations on my big headed friend.

    I think he had the right to ask the questions he did, I don't see WHERE he insulted Mr. Ghani.
    All I see are some honest questions,

    A student who goes to Acacia, isn't he being labeled as a low achiever just by GOING to the college? Isn't he making it blatantly clear that he (or she, I'm NOT gender biased) didn't get the best of grades (something they'd like to forget) ?

    A student who goes to Acacia, aren't they paying extra for an education, the quality of which differs very slightly from that of a normal school but the fee structure differs immensely ?

    Maybe I'm ignorant, but aren't you marketing it as a "School for children with special needs" ?
    I'm sure seeing this statement on would make ANYONE think the same way as me;

    "But for a variety of reasons, not all students realize their potential by the end of their O level years. Such students may not have acquired the skills in O Levels necessary to successfully complete their A Levels".

    On a lighter note, mind telling me when does Nixor plan on starting "Nixor University", The "premier" university for those who "didn't realize their true potential by the end of their A levels" ?

    Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq

  16. ^ Could not agree more with your last point.

    No matter what school, college, university you study at- it is a service. A service for you. And you should be the one deciding what kind of service it is.

    Ali has every right to be able to talk to that man that way. I'm sure if KFC did something outrageous, you'd take it upon yourselves to bring some change; and you'd Facebook/Twitter/whatever it to the last of your days. I see no point in raising schools to the standards of some sacrilegious institution.
    All private schools want to make money. Some of them feel they have a responsibility to educate the masses.. those are usually the ones that have reasonable fees.

    School patriotism. Model Town Patriotism. Lahore/Karachi patriotism. I think we've all had just about enough of that. tyvm.

  17. ^
    and that gives them the right to charge more for "education for the masses" ?

  18. I think you misread the sentence;
    Some of them feel they have a responsibility to educate the masses.. those are usually the ones that have reasonable fees.
    I don't think Acacia is charging a reasonable amount compared to the other schools. But my ass is in dubai; I'm sharing my opinion based on Ali's rant =p

  19. The whole concept upon which Acacia is built on is so vague. I mean, what is a bad o level result? What defines a bad student? What if they pick their grades up? Do they get transferred to Nixor. Surely streaming the kids in such a blatant fashion will have an adverse effect on their studies.

    Also, why don't they offer sciences? Are they trying to imply that subjects such as Economics and Sociology (which require analysis, creativity and are certainly NOT easy to get A's in) are easier than Physics or Biology? Won't a potential doctor/biochemist be discouraged because his/her A level school doesn't even offer the subjects he/she needs.

    People have asked why so many students from other schools criticize Nadeem Ghani. It's not because we have no respect for him or that we don't like him. The thing is, he has put himself out there more than any other Dean/principal has. He has marketed himself and his school. And once a product is marketed, it is open to criticism. It's all part of the package.